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Nice company

 For the next three weeks the ‘works of art’ created by me and other talented members of the Photoshop Gang are on display in the ‘Oldie’ Centre.

I smiled at my priceless contributions to Kunst as I walked to the main room which then doubled as a dining room.

I spotted Ziya sitting with two nice ladies. I know he has a lot of lady friends but these looked new to me. I wondered how many women he was dating as I joined them. We were introduced and so polite dinner conversations took place as we sipped fruit juice and waited for the food to be grilled.

I took the opportunity to walk into the front garden where the grills were doing their work. I snapped a couple of photos so you can see how ‘we’ Germans grill and enjoy such a meal.  It was very tasty and even included ‘real’ Thüringer Brat Wurst! Well, they were claimed to be ‘real’!

After the meal,  a couple of musicians played Greek/Turkish music. Those who could danced to the music. More than half of the members of this Centre come from Turkey, with those from Greece forming a smaller group. They seem to share some music and dance styles.

The ladies danced and enjoyed it although they do not come from Turkey or Greece. When catching their breath between dancing, I took a few photographs to send to them via e-mail.

I really enjoyed my time there. I look forward to the next event which I think is planned for just before Christmas. Now you know how I ‘waste’ some of my time in Berlin 🙂