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New Friend

I have a new friend. His name is Freddie and he likes me to stroke him between his ears!  Just like a cat, but he doesn’t purrrrrr. He just looked at me and let me stroke him again. I think I detected a smile!

Nice photos of me with Freddie. They were taken by Sylke last Thursday when we went to Tierpark. The story begins with Frau Fox, my German teacher. Last Tuesday she gave me a card which I exchanged for a plastic one. This allows me to go to Tierpark for a year ….. and for free. Nice!

Sylke and I had arranged to meet for a ‘learn more about my camera session’. After entering the zoo she gave me her old zoom lens to practice with during our visit. That was a nice surprise. It is a ‘beast of a thing’. My lens goes to 55mm. The beast goes to 300mm! Just look at the size of it in this photo.

I also added a filter to learn more about using that. Sylke had an even larger extension lens on her camera, which made my beast look like a baby. I am discovering that it is not the thing you hold in your hand, but the size and quality of the lens that makes the difference to a photo.

We set off in search of animals to photograph. We found a lot, as you can see in this and other posts.