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Danke Dialogica

In my last post I told you I was settling into my ‘normal’ weekly routine that would take me to the end of the year. And so it was today when I went to Dialogica to teach a couple of students. After the lesson, our nice boss Frau Dr P. asked me to come into her office.

She congratulated me on taking out German citizenship and gave me some nice presents from herself and husband, Herr Dr P.  I was very surprised and pleased. Just another example of how people have reacted in a positive way to my new nationality.  And that is the reason for this post.

On the card she wrote, ‘For our German John.” In the card they wrote, ‘ We are happy to have such an experienced and well-versed English teacher in our institute. We congratulate you on becoming a citizen of Germany. You are (and always were) one of us! Best wishes –‘ Translation by me.

Joe ended his lessons with us today. He is a very interesting and widely travelled person. He told me he would read my blog and thanked me for my teaching. Thanks to you Joe for your contribution. Please feel free to add any comment. Read the last but one post to find out how to do this.

I’m meeting Sylke tomorrow afternoon for a camera session in Tierpark. A leopard has just given birth to two female cubs so I hope to get at least one shot of them. I may end up helping The Captain get his boat out of the water on Saturday. If you remember there are a few shots of me lazing in the sun on the boat in a recent post.

 Friday sees the start of another session with my Photoshop Gang led by Stefan and I am looking forward to that. Also to next Tuesday when we are meeting for a  ‘Grillen’ = BBQ session. Here is a photo of my back garden taken yesterday evening. Clear to see the onset of autumn.