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October 2012 things

Slipped easily into October a couple of days ago. I like the posts to my request for Comments about my photo and advice about how to add a comment. Come on the rest of you! Post a comment and even tell us something about where you come from.

Heute ist ‘Tag der deutschen Einheit’. Yes, the 3 October is a public holiday to celebrate German unification. Earlier I listened to ‘The Great and The Good’ giving speeches on the topic between snippets of music by Beethoven. The theme was the importance of the EU for the future of Germany. I agree.

October offers much the same daily activity as September. I have settled into an autumn routine of things to do and places to go to. Not much change to the pattern of life I reported in my September posts. Tomorrow afternoon, I am meeting Sylke for an afternoon of camera work in Tierpark as part of my learning more about how to use a camera.

In the evening I have been invited to the home of one of Kerstin’s Oldies to give a presentation about my adventures in Beijing and Florida. This will be my fourth presentation to different groups. I am pleased that people are still interested to learn more about the country/people and my experiences.

Who has a birthday in October?  

My nephew Andrew will be 35 on the 5th October, nephew Warren will be 36 on the 12th, his mother, my sister Frances, will be 66 on the 14th. Falk will celebrate his 50th with Elvira and friends on the 15th (Thanks Uli!) Harro hits 66 on the 17th, Marita will celebrate her 61st with me and a bottle of sekt on the 21st,  Dianne in Keighley will be  66 on the 27th. We end the month with Tanja in London, who will celebrate her 49th with her family.  Happy Birthday to each and have a great day!