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I was thinking about what to put in my monthly newsletter/report when I decided to check the statistics about who was looking. I got a surprise. I think I shall change the language of my blog to either German or Russian! Views from 3 English speaking countries were less than from Germany and only 2 more than from Russia. Thanks Ivan and friends:-)

Last month I had 863 page views. Last week I had 168. Of last week’s figures, 54 came from Germany, 43 from Russia, 22 from Australia (Thanks Bateson lads!),  USA (Hi Shirley) was 21 followed by Sweden with 12. Then came France with 5 (‘allo Piere!), Hungary with 4 = Hi Marcel :-), Netherlands 3 = Guten Tag Herr Jan! and then sharing 2 views with Poland came ………….. wait for it…………………yes, the UK!!!!!  And I write it for the UK people!

I then looked at more statistics. 56% use Firefox Browser (Good!), 17 use Internet Explorer and 15% use Google’s Chrome browser. Pageviews by operating system were, Windows at 60%, Linux at 29% (this pleasantly surprised me) and Android came in third at 6% reflecting the number of viewers reading my blog ‘on the move’ over internet connected mobile phones.

I am really surprised by these statistics. When I write my blog stories I have in view Frances and Barbara in north England and Shirley in Florida plus friends in Washington State, and Jan in the Netherlands. Thats it. I wonder who the other readers are and why they read my blog plus in a language which is not their first language.

 Please share your information with me/us. You can do this in my comment section. I shall write a  special post to tell you how to do it. It is simple. Read my next post – and here are some flowers for you all:-)