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How to comment

Following my last blog post, here is information about how to leave a comment about each blog post. Please note that in my blog heading, where you can see my bed at Villa Bateson, there is a message saying who/what/this blog is for, and you can read an invitation to leave any comment you wish.

Just do this: At the bottom of each post you can read information about time etc of writing the post. 1) Next to it you can read ‘Post a Comment’. Click on this.

2)  A small box/window will open. Write your comment in the box.

3) Type one or two words provided to prove you are not a robot.

4) Choose an identity. Mark the circle ‘Anonymous’ You do NOT have to give any information about who you are.

5 Hit the ‘Publish your Comment’ button and that is it!  Then go and have a cup of tea, glass of vodka if you are Ivan or part of his gang, or a smooth red wine if  you are in the south of France. Got  the idea?


You will find a photo of me here. Please feel free to add any comment you wish. I hope to read many to make me laugh. For example: I could comment, ‘ No, you depp, not there’  or  ‘ Try a bit lower’. Got the idea? Now over to you. Think of a caption/comment and post it.