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Birgits Day

Birgit would have been 60 today. She died unexpectedly on 27 August 2004. Although she never met him, she shared something with my father. Her birthday is on the day he died, and in 2004. Life is full of strange coincidences.

I met her sister Heike at midday. She had travelled from Staat Brandenburg. We bought flowers and walked to the grave. Heike looked sad and even tired. No surprise! We put flowers on the grave including some for their father who would have recently celebrated his birthday.

Heike had remembered to buy two small bottles of sekt. Perfect, for Birgit always enjoyed good food, wine and company. We toasted her 60th Birthday as Heike shared a drop with her, as you can see in the photo. We said our goodbyes and left for Heike’s favourite restaurant in the area where I live.

Some of you may know it and have eaten there. Yes, the Bömische Garten at the end of my road. We enjoyed traditional Slovack food and talked about Birgit, her family, friends who no longer join us in celebrating her life – and many other things. See the photo. A day for reflection but with happiness to have known such a wonderful women.