Left bed


I’m waiting to get changed then go to the city centre to Das Konzerhaus. An evening of  Benda, Mozart, Boccherini and Haydn. Yes, an evening of ‘easy listening’ to Baroque and Classical Music.

I’m meeting Petra, Ulrich and Thomas there. They called me yesterday to ask if I was interested to go with them. I think you already know the answer to that question 🙂 Going to concerts and the opera for me means it is not summer, and so now in Berlin we are entering autumn and getting ready for winter. See photo taken yesterday of my ‘back garden’.

I had a nice easy day today. Slept late after waking early, but tea in bed with a book soon put me back to sleep. Did household chores plus changing summer to autumn curtain, window cleaning, washing and sorting out more summer things to go to the cellar until next April.

I also found out what is inside a USB-2 stick.Very interesting to note that a small circuit board is hidden behind the plastic cover, and that the system is attached to the cover with a blob of glue! Who would have believed that? New technology meets the 19th century! Have a nice evening.