Left bed


This afternoon started with watching Montiverdi’s opera Orpheus. It was broadcast live from the Komische Oper via the tv channel 3sat. Then I jumped on my bike and set off for Maud’s exhibition. The weather was warm and sunny with blue sky – perfect for a ride.

I arrived at Maud’s studio to find her busy talking to a visitor. Later we looked at all her pictures and talked about them. Who is Maud? She is part of Gerald and Jutta’s family and is a professional artist. I also help her once a month to improve her good English:-)

I was very pleased that Jutta and a friend arrived shortly after my arrival. Always nice to see them. Maud then allowed me to take a photo of her with one of her pictures behind her head. We all know about copyright, and she still holds this, but allowed me to take a shot. Thanks!

I also took a shot of her brochure about the exhibition. You can get more information from her web page at world wide web maud-tutsche.de. You can see more of her work and even buy a picture.

Thanks for a pleasant afernoon Maud, and for the apple cake which I enjoyed with coffee on my return. See you Tuesday evening:-)