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The high point yesterday was meeting my old ‘Muggelsee Gang’ for a late summer party. Ulrich and Petra were our generous hosts as they opened the doors of their weekend/garden house in the south-east of Berlin.

They last met on 1 May for a bicycle tour. Unfortunately I could not join in for I flew to Florida early next day. Some of us met in April and I posted a story to this blog. As soon as I arrived I was greeted with cheers and a glass of sekt to celebrate my new nationality.

We started with coffee and cakes, then another glass of sekt and more chatting. This continued late into the evening with changes of food on the table! As dusk came the grill was started and delicious ‘wurst’, chicken pieces and steaks arrived on the plates. To these were added different salads/sauces and potatoes.

Later we sat around a fire, and even sang folk songs.  A great day. We agreed to meet again in the first week of January. Looking forward to that!