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Britzer Garten

Yesterday I met my ‘Photoshop Oldie Gang’ and ended up at Britzer Garten. I have been there before and posted stories and photos to this blog. It was my first visit with these ‘Oldies’. We hadn’t seen each other since June so it was good to meet, and exchange stories about what we had done during summer.

 It was Stefan’s idea to meet up, take new photos for the next classes and then have a picnic. I really enjoyed it. I took some shots of the garden and flower displays plus close-ups of flowers. I like to send them as E-mail attachents to make the recipient smile:-)

After getting our garden/flower shots, we found a picnic table with benches. My task was to bring cakes. We feasted on Stefan’s ‘Berliner Bouletten/Bulleten’ with mustard, potato salad with sliced cucumber and onion, rolls, apple puree with custard, my cakes, different chocolates and Rotkappchen Sekt. Delicious! This is where we did most of the catching up with each others news about summer, family, and health – of course!

I couldn’t help setting up a photo of ‘The Three Wise Monkeys’ to match that I took of Marcel etc during summer, and which I posted to this blog. What do you think of our version?  I am the ‘see no evil monkey’. Next to me is charming Helga, and next to her is Stefan, the group leader.

Another photo is of us enjoying the picnic. I am holding up a ‘Boulette’ in case my readers in the UK don’t know what it/they look like. In UK English it is a meatball, but the Berlin version tastes much better:-) On the other hand, there is no German equivalent to a ‘Made in Skipton Pork Pie’. Mmmmh..tasty!

I arrived home just in time to turn on my computer and talk to Marcel over skype. We caught up on news and all in English. We decided to meet again next Thursday, and use one of two programmes for writing/sharing/correcting English texts I want him to write. I then had a long talk to his parents. A very happy end to a special day.