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Jüterbog 2012

Yesterday I went to Jüterbog. Frances and Barbara – I hope you are not asking where this is! I go there once/twice a year and have reported my visits many times on this blog. It is a nice country town to the south of Berlin and within one hours train journey.

I went with an ‘oldie’ to meet more ‘oldies’ just for the simple reason of meeting again, talking about holidays, health, food, shopping, grand-children, and all the usual things the over 65’s talk about! I really enjoyed the day and catching up on all the news. There is a slower and relaxed feel about being in the town compared to Berlin with its city hectic and speed.

Another reason was to enjoy the food served by my hosts. They are ‘hobby gardeners’ and everything we ate came out of their garden – except the meat! See the photos.  I think I can hear Andrea saying again that most of my blog is about eating and drinking 🙂  You are right liebe Andrea!

We started with homemade mushroom soup, then a plate of delicious food with a glass of red wine. This was followed by fruit from the garden with cream. I was full and could’t eat that so there is no photo! I then showed them photos of my summer in Florida, England and later in Berlin with Marcel.

They found it all very interesting and needed a pause for coffee and cake to take it all in. I declined their splendid offer. I can’t eat so much in such a relatively short time! We resumed with a glass of sekt while looking at our host’s photos of a summer holiday in the south of Germany. Actually, it was at the place where Jan and I learnt to ski – all of 19 years ago!

The session ended with more sekt to celebrate my new citizenship. They were very pleased that I had become a German citizen. A very pleasant and relaxing day. Here are a few photos of the day. One is of some Middle-Age person on the corner of the town hall. For obvious reasons it always attracts photographs – and comments!