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Muggelsee Re-visited

I went to Muggelsee yesterday. I had earlier arranged to meet some ‘Oldies’ at a restaurant on the south of the lake. I was there with Marcel at the end of a bicycle tour which started in Erkner. Do you remember – it was on this blog a few weeks ago?

The ‘Oldies’ came by S-Bahn and bus to the restaurant. I came by bicycle. I am now the only one in this group who can still cycle. I can’t imagine not being able to do so. I think I have inherited it from my father who was a ‘fanatic’ cyclist and motor bike rider until his 80’s! I have a few years more to go 🙂

It was nice to see them again. We exchanged stories about summer holidays, where and when and who with etc. It was a pleasant and relaxing time listening to their stories, and looking onto the lake and seeing boats appear and slowly disappear. Believe it or not, but I ate fish and drank a cold glass of dry white wine!

After, we all walked along the south side of the lake and I took some photos. I had earlier asked an ‘Oldie’ to take photos of me at the same places I had taken photos of Marcel on his last tour in Berlin. Nice memories and I posed as he had done 🙂

I noticed that summer was giving way to autumn. When you are in the sun it is only warm, but in the shadow you notice the cool air. On the other hand, Ian-Birgit and my Bateson lads are looking forward to spring and summer in Australia/New Zealand. Now to find my autumn/winter clothes!