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Silke Cooked

Last Thursday evening, Silke arrived with a large bag. Inside were a camera, presents and food. She prepared ‘Kohlroulade’, which I like.

 You have to prepare mincemeat with spices and onions etc, then roll in large cabbage leaves. She chose ‘Winsing’ variety for it is very green and has a strong cabbage taste.

You have to tie each leaf with cotton so it doesn’t open when being cooked. Make a chopped cabbage and onion sauce and serve piping hot with potatoes.

Mmmmmh…delicious! Silke told me that this food is being prepared less nowadays because of the time taken to prepare it.

She brought a bottle of Balaton red wine (in memory of Marcel) which was ideal with the spicey meat. This was in addition to some presents.

 All this was her way of celebrating my new nationality. She thought about food, as did Andrea and Marga. No surprise for when we think about celebrating something we usually think of food and drink.

Many thanks Silke for a great evening and patiently helping me to burn Angelika’s music film. Problem of computer and programme compatibility. In the end we succeeded, so I can now post the present to Angelika. It has certainly been a memorable week of parties.