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September 2012 Things

Today is 1 September. I am already aware of some changes to my weekly routine starting Monday. I have a clear feeling that summer has ended and autumn is creeping in with cooler mornings, leaves going brown and dropping onto the ground, and that feeling of the retiring sun on your skin.

The music/concert/opera season opens and I have already received an invitation to a concert in the Phiharmonia in early November! Before then, I shall have seen Angelika playing with her orchestra a number of times.

Looking back at August, I note it was dominated by Marcel in Berlin, then leaving for a short holiday on the Balaton, intensive studying at home and his exams, which as I reported earlier, he passed with the highest marks. Adjusting to life post-Marcel is made easier with the help of a programme called Skype. I talked to him yesterday evening and got all the latest news. We have agreed to talk each weekend so I can help with this English – but I told him I am not going to do his homework!

I have a number of small trips outside Berlin planned for September but nothing grand. I would have liked to visit Hannelore and Peter in the south of France, for they invited me, but travelling clashes with accepting work and other things this month. I shall settle for Karow today, Jüterbog next Friday and to the Polish border later in the month.

Who has a birthday in September? Lynne woke a year older this morning in Cas-Vegas! She hits 65 and will no doubt get lots of calls from Australia and New Zealand, in addition to all those in the UK. On 6 September, Charlotte will be 21 and Nevand all of 6! Andrea follows on the 8th with her 27th birthday. Nephew Stephen will be 42 on 22nd in Cambridge, Robert 34 on the 23rd in Berlin, Sylvana will be 52 on the 25th, Lew will be a year older on the 27th, Silke hits 42 on the 28th and nephew Jefferson ends the month with his 39th on 29th September. Happy Birthday to each and all and have a wonderfull time with family and friends :-))

There are a couple of memories linked to September. Our liebe Birgit would have been 60 on the 30th September. She shares this day with my father who died on that day in 2004 all of  92 years of age. I shall be with Heike on that day to put flowers on Birgits grave. Later we shall enjoy a nice meal in Heike’s favourite restaurant near to where I live!

 To end this post is a photo of me with a picture. It is an original and a present from Marga to mark my new nationality. It was one of two she showed to Marcel when he visited her. This one was his choice. Now to find a frame and enjoy it on my wall each day!