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Remembering Birgit

On Friday 27 August 2004 Birgit died. On that day this year I went to her family grave to lay flowers and celebrate a very interesting life.

Marga was with me for the first time and very impressed with the graveyard. The flowers we put there were from us and Heike, her sister, who I had been with the day before in Brandenburg.

I showed Marga the area where my ashes will be scattered not far from Birgit’s grave, and told her that tomorrow I shall be going to an office to arrange that.

Later we went to the area of the cemetery famous for the graves of the socialists/communists/victims of Fascism. It is most impressive. See it for yourself if you come to Berlin. It is as much a part of Berlin history as the Brandenburg Gate.

Later we cooked a nice meal at my place and talked about many other things. A very interesting time with lots of memories. Just another day in my life here in Berlin – but this one was special!