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Florida Storms

I think you must know about the storms hitting Florida at the moment. Now they have been classified as hurricanes and typhoons. Shirley lives on the Atlantic side of Florida in the north.

Most of the storms were in the south, then moved into the Gulf of Mexico side and inland. Poor New Orleans being hit again. As you know, I was there a couple of years ago when I stayed with Tony and Rita. I saw all the damage and there is a report and photos on this blog. Just look in the year and month or type New Orleans into the find/search box.

I sent an E-mail to Shirley a couple of days ago expressing concern. So far no reply but this could be down to not being at home, or the internet connection is down. Even so, I shall be much happier when she contacts me to say all are well!

I think Shirley, family and friends deserve some flowers! Here they are.