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I met Andrea yesterday evening on the platform of U-Bahn Eberswaldestr. Under the platform was our destination. It was Konnopke’s Imbiß, which is most famous for its ‘Currywurst mit Pommes’ washed down with a bottle of beer. Berliners eat it at any time of the day – or late night!   

Andrea sent a card congratulating me on my new nationality, and an invitation to Konnopke’s to celebrate. She was surprised that I had never been there before. To become a ‘real Berliner’ I had to eat there. The business was started there by a couple of the same name in 1930, under a tent, with one table and a large pan for cooking the wurst. It has survived many changes, as has Berlin.

It was really nice to see Andrea again and she looked very well. We talked about many things including her recent holiday in Spain, her job, Marcel’s visit and my future plans. She also checked and corrected a text I had written in German and said my German had improved!

Some French students were sitting at the same table so I asked one to take photos. He seemed to know my camera very well for I didn’t need to tell him what to do, or to press. Here are the results. I took the one of Andrea enjoying a bottle in good old Berlin style 🙂 and part of the Imbiß under the railway bridge.

Later Andrea went shopping and I dashed off to meet some Oldies with a bottle of sekt to also celebrate my new status. A very pleasant evening. Thanks for the invitation Andrea and let’s meet again sooner than later!

I wonder if Marga will comment on Monday that my blog is always full of me eating and drinking? This afternoon I am going to Angelika’s birthday party (more eating and drinking), and tomorrow taking the train to Brandenburg to meet Heike (more eating and drinking). Have a nice weekend all – with good food and drinks!!