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Na, Prost!

Time to celebrate again. This morning I went to my local Citizen Office and picked up my ID card and Passport. You can see my  number card with the other documents.  The lady who served me was clearly pleased, and even said nice things about my German.

 I later told my German teacher about this and she beamed! Again, I need time to adjust to my status expressed in new documents, but I am looking forward to using them.

Silke is coming over next week so we can cook a traditional German meal. I am celebrating with Andrea on Friday evening at the most famous Berlin-Curry-Wurst-Imbiss. Never been there before and really looking forward to seeing her again.

Next week I shall be meeting Marga to celebrate with her. She has a present for me. I know she showed Marcel. I have no idea what it is but look forward to having a memorable evening with her, and finally discovering what she bought for me to celebrate my new nationality.

As you can see, I have already bought the bottle of Sekt to celebrate. Na, Prost!