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Old – New

I’ve just had new router installed in my computer(s)-internet system. It all started a few days before Marcel left when the telephone box from my old splitter stopped working. Result: No telephone calls in or out.

Went to my local Deutsche Telecom shop, all of 5 minutes walk away, and reported the problem. Salesman gave me a new box and said there was a special offer so I could go from 6MB to 50MB speed for the same price. I agreed. I got all the equipment per post and my system was changed to the new IP connection yesterday afternoon.  I had no telephone or internet connection, but no-one noticed for we were all glued to our TVs yesterday evening to sadly see the German national football team lose 3:1 to Argentina!

A very friendly technician arrived at ten this morning to bring me into the world of latest connectivity. I watched with great interest as he did all the things necessary, plus sort out two problems I could not have done. They were problems of compatibility between old and new technology/laptop. He just smiled and said. “We’ll find a solution.” And he did.

He also put my system onto the latest security, then added my laptops and internet radio onto the system. Now they all work easily. I need less boxes and cables and it really is much quicker. I can also add internet TV to the system, but I need more time to look at the pros and cons of that — and price!

You can see features of the old system on the left and the only two parts to the new system on the right side of this story. The old system had five components. Now I shall recycle them.

Pity you are not here Marcel, for you could add your laptop and whizz around the internet at new speeds. Marcel sent me a nice SMS and an E-mail from his holiday at/on the Balaton. Nice to get his messages. He wants to talk to me over Skype so I shall organise that per E-mail.

One minute after my new system started, I got a call from Ian in Sydney. Nice timing and a surprise. Because of the technical work we could not chat too long so we are going to Skype on Sunday. Looking forward to catching up on their news. The weather forecast for the weekend is for 30+ degrees and that we shall have the warmest days of the (late) summer. Great – can’t wait to get my legs brown!