Left bed

Home safely

Just opened an e-mail sent by Marcel’s ‘Mudda und Vadda’ sent from home yesterday evening. This is my translation of their message.

On Sunday at 08:35 Uhr Marcel arrived at Budapest-Keleti (Ost Bahnhof/East Railway Station). He had a good journey but couldn’t sleep – lots of thoughts in his head.

 Surprise: Ma and Pa were waiting for him at the railway station – and not his sister Bianca. From there they drove to Bianca’s flat in Budapest. He then relaxed and had lunch with his family. They went to the hills in the centre of the city with all its monuments and statues.

 At 18:26 he took the train from Budapest to Badacsony, on the north shore of Lake Balaton. He is staying with his grandparents for a week for a holiday and rest.

Thanks for the message. I/we all hope he can sleep, relax and play his flute for a week! Here are a few photos they sent. I have been to the centre of the city you can see in the photos.