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August things

My first post in August and perhaps my latest for the start of a month. I have lots of photographs to post gathered from events with Marcel over the last two weeks. I just need time to post them and write the text. Please be patient. I shall post them next week and some very interesting news about me:-)

I’ve just got home from a splendid evening with Marga. She wanted to spend some more time with Marcel so we went to her flat, with a good bottle of wine. There we sipped the wine and chatted. Later we went to a popular restaurant for a fish dish….delicious! We then went on a walk around her bit of Charlottenburg before taking the S-Bahn home.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be fine and sunny, so I plan a cycle tour with Marcel starting from Erkner, which is to the east of the city. Lots of rivers, lakes and woods = just what we need after a week in the city, and classroom in the case of Marcel.                       

On Sunday evening he is taking me to a piano recital. It was his idea and I am very pleased to have been invited. Next week is his last in Berlin. It ends with his tests and results. Marga and I are taking him to the railway station to see him safely onto the train to take him home. Marga said she wanted him to stay here……and so did I!

Who has a birthday in August? Shirley celebrated her ‘over 40 birthday again’ on the 1st. I called her but miscalculated the time difference. I woke her at 3.30 am! She was very understanding and we had a nice chat. Beatrix will be a young 39 on the 6th, Nicole will be 67 on the 21st of August, Jürgen will be 68 on the 24th, Angelika will be 60 on the 25th (and thanks for the invitation to your birthday party  Angelika) my sister Pauline in Cambridge will be 68 on the 26th, Dieter will be 68 on the 27th, and my wonderful ‘ I wish I had a son like him’ Jan will be 29 on the 28th. He shares the day with Bernhard who will celebrate his birthday with wife and daughters. Have a wonderful day each and all and Happy Birthday to you!