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More me

Just got an e-mail from Shirley with two photos she had taken of me sleeping by the pool. Oh – happy memories! This made me think about other photos I had prepared and not posted. I found some and decided to do a pure ego post about me, me and …………me!

I think they speak for themself. I note how I have changed since my return from Florida, and from England two weeks ago. I am losing my tan, looking tired noticing more lines on my face.

Since my return, my old skin/allergy problems have returned. I have a note from my doctor allowing me to see a dermatologist. The problem is that he is on holiday and I think returns next week. I am not sure he can help. Another doctor I saw a few years ago gave me cream/medicine and it did not get better. I stopped going!

I am also losing confidence in my allergy doctor. I have been having treatment each winter and spring for eight years. Nothing has happened except that the doctor has bought another car from the income gained from me, and other patients! I think I shall drop this doctor as well.

Any better news? Yes, the weather forecast says sun and blue skies for this weekend. On Sunday, Marga is coming over for a cooking session a la something from asia. She lived in Hong Kong for many years and likes to cook dishes she discovered there.

On Sunday, Marcel and I are going to Werneuchen with Silka. She has a weekend house+caravan there. We plan to go on a bicycle ride with cameras so I can learn more about settings for different images. Should be fun!

I am teaching a new group at the institute from Monday. Later I am meeting Adrian, Tanja and Charlotte, who are visiting from London. We plan an evening of food, drink and chatting. Haven’t seen them for nearly two years. Looking forward to the meeting.

Next Tuesday I have a very special meeting in a government office. More of that in later posts. The rest of the week falls into regular patterns. Two of Marcel’s friends are visiting next weekend. I have talked to them over skype, and I am looking forward to seeing them in person.  Have a nice week!