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Gärten der Welt

Last Sunday afternoon it stopped raining. The whole city was surprised when the sun began to shine. Marcel and I took the S-Bahn to visit Heike and family. They live in the north-east district of the city where you can find the Gärten der Welt.

 It started in the 1980s when the Chinese Government donated a Chinese Garden to that district. More gardens were added, such as the Japanese Garden which is my favourite. Last weekend there was a special Scottish theme including throwing the caber, food, music and whiskey – of course:-)

Heike, her son Christian, nephew Jerome, Marcel and I decided to visit the garden. Many others did as a response to the sun, but there were many rolled umbrellas to see just in case! We wandered all over the garden area for it was Marcel’s first visit, but we also spent time in the area reserved for the Highland Games.

I took a number of photos including these. You can see Heike and ‘The Boys’ sitting together, one of them acting like the ‘Three Wise Monkeys’, Marcel with one of the caber throwers and one of him with the family dog called Cosmo. A big, but very playful, and good tempered dog.

In the evening, our hosts gave a ‘Grill Party’ under the watchful grilling eye of brother Jan. In addition, delicious potato and tomato salads came from the skilfull hands of Heike and her Mutter. Over full stomachs we sat and talked as the sun went down. A very pleasant day and one in which Marcel had the chance to only speak German.