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I recently got some nice photos of a caravan holiday.  They were sent by Bernhard. I have helped him with texts and speeches in English. He decided to send these photos to share with you. Thanks Bernhard, very kind of you!

He is a very active person particularly in international Pentathlon. He is also a master at training horses and does that in a voluntary capacity in Berlin to help young people to learn how to ride. His daughters are very good at horse riding, but that should not come as a surprise.

He and his family flew to Ireland to visit Dublin then pick up a horse and caravan for a tour of the south of Ireland. He took these photos with his trusty ‘Handy’ camera. Although not the best quality, we get a very good impression of life on the road behind a horse!

 I think they will be returning to Berlin soon, so I hope they have all had a great time in spite of the rainy conditions. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in person, Bernhard.