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The Boltons

After arriving from Castleford/Leeds, I relaxed a bit and drank a nice ‘cuppa’ tea with Fran and Geoff. I called part of ‘The Boltons’. Ian and Dianne are my second oldest friends – after Alan and Lynne.

They had three boys and I always threatened to ‘steal’ No. 2 and adopt him. His name is Nicholas and later he married Julie. They begat Laura and Matthew. Visiting Silsden has to include a visit to this warm and friendly family.

I just arranged it per telephone and it was no problem. I stuck a bottle into my bag and Geoff drove me to their home. Warm welcomes as if I had only seen them last week. They have this ability to make you feel part of the family as soon as you enter the house, and  include you into what the family is doing at the time you walk through the door. I like that.

We charged our glasses and then started on catching up with each others news. Thirsty work all that talking so we had another glass! Laura was 16 a few days after my visit and Matthew is now 14 and into puberty! He has grown much taller and become rather thin. His voice has dropped and I detected the first signs of a mustache. Oh well, it happens to half the population!

A really wonderful evening. Unfortunately Dianne had other appointments and so could not join us. Next time I hope. Here are a couple of pics of the family. Laura had just washed her hair so emerged in her ‘turban like state’. As natural as always.