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Dining Out

After spending the morning with Daniel, we met his parents and set off for Wetherby, which is to the south of Castleford. I enjoyed the drive and seeing different scenery. Wetherby is the home of a famous Fish ‘n Chip restaurant called ‘The Wetherby Whaler’.

I wanted to thank Alan and Lynne for a wonderful time and so invited them there for the last Fish ‘n Chips of my visit. The fish was Haddock and really fresh.  The batter was light and crispy – just as I like it!

I come from a generation which ate Fish ‘n Chips before ‘Mushy Peas’ was added to the plate.  I ate my food in the tradition style but Daniel likes his with ‘Mushy Peas’, as you can see!

Later, they drove me to Castleford railway station. Sad farewells as I boarded the old ‘Made in Crew’ bone-shaker to Leeds, where I changed to a comfortable ‘Made in Germany’ train to take me to Silsden.
I arrived on time and then planned my last visit for that evening. More about that in my next post.