Left bed


My first full day with Barry and Pam was taken up with the bus tour. This was followed by shopping and I found a nice baseball style jacket for Marcel as one of his birthday gifts. On returning home we prepared to meet our guests = the one and only Yosser and his better half Janice we all call, Jan!

They arrived on time and after very heart felt greetings we quickly established that it was all of 25 years since we had last met. Even so, I would have known them immediately if I had seen them on the street. The basic looks never change. It was a very happy and friendly evening. Lots of catching up with events. Methinks I shall meet them on my next visit to The Wirral.

Earlier that morning I had asked Barry and Pam about their large and very modern TV. I quickly established that it can do everything except speak Cantonese Chinese. It can even go on the internet. As my jaw dropped at this news, Barry showed me by going to this blog. I just had to have a photo of me standing in front of the screen with my blog for all to see.

I later celebrated my return from the tour by sitting in the garden and munching  on a pork pie. My first in nine months! I decided a glass of full bodied red from Spain was the appropriate tiple. Mmmmh…..I was right!