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UK Arrival

 It has taken more time than I thought to prepare the photos of my recent UK visit. I returned to daily routines and the additional task of making sure Marcel was happy, doing his homework, fed and taking him out on local trips. Less time for blogging but here goes to update you on what is becoming ‘old’ news!

I flew into Liverpool Airport on an easyJet flight which was uneventful if not boring. I hate this time wasting ritual of arriving early for security and what I find to be meaningless and often humiliating checks at airports. I heard a number of older passengers complaining so I was pleased to note that I was not in a minority of one!

Once again I wondered why the flight attendants have to speak so loud, and quickly into the loudspeaker system, and worst of all in a thick ‘scouse’ accent. Most people understand little if nothing. From the comments I heard the Germans certainly didn’t. As a native speaker I got about 25%. Perhaps I should contact the company about this! Maybe they would pay me to train them 🙂

Barry and Pam met me at the airport. As always I was very pleased to see their smiling faces when I entered the Arrival Terminal. They whisked me away towards Chester to a new for them Fish ‘n Chip restaurant. I had expressed the wish to dine at such an establishment, and they complied with my wish. Thanks both!

Later we arrived at their very comfortable home and met their dogs. One I knew from my last visit. The new one was Lucy. Once the barking and sniffing of a new being in their home was over, they quickly came to me for a cuddle, stroking and soothing words.

After catching up with news, I hit the sack and next day went on a tour of the centre with them. It was on a Tourist Bus. We all enjoyed the experience and so I shall share it with you now. These are random shots of the centre of Liverpool presented in no systematic order.