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July things

Back in Berlin after a very memorable week in England. I am still working on photographs so shall post reports to this blog in the next few days.

I returned to hot, sunny, weather and a ‘Grillen Party’ at my Fitnes Centre. More of this later. Marcel came round yesterday and I also spoke to his parents over Skype. Looking at my diary for this month I note less appointments of all kinds. I like July and August in and around Berlin so I shall have more time to show Marcel around. He asked me to do this yesterday, and take him on some bicycle rides. No problem!

Who has a birthday this month? Laura celebrated her 16th on Sunday 1 July. She was followed by Jutta who celebrated her 64th with Gerald. My Acer laptop is 1 year old on Wednesday 🙂 Adele has her birthday on 26th. Not many this month but Happy Birthday to each and all!