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Happy Gang

I’ve really enjoyed this week. Marcel visited each day after his language school lessons. We get on very well and he has a good humour. Heike is keeping an eye on him while I am in England next week.

The week started well with a ‘Treffening Breakfast’ hosted by Johanna. Every few months we have such meetings so we can catch up on news of what each is doing. Jutta and Gerald were there, as was Werner B. and his lady.

Two days later I met Werner B. again. He invited me to talk to my old ‘Happy Gang’. They meet  twice a month to socialise and practice their English, but I noticed more German creeping into their conversations! Here are some photos taken at the event so you can see how nice they are!

We started with a meat ball and potato salad breakfast before I gave them a presentation about Florida. I made it conversational by eleciting answers to questions about what was on the wall screen. I used my laptop and projector. Lots of ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Aaahs’ as they saw images of the sun, sea, sand and beaches I visited.  A very pleasant morning!

In a couple of hours I shall make my way to Schönefeld Airport for a flight to Liverpool. I’ve packed winter clothes!  Barry and Pam will meet me there – presumably with their two little dogs. Then to find some Fish ‘n Chips! Germany is playing in the European Games this evening so I may be able to catch the second half. I support them and not the English team 🙂

On Sunday we are driving to Silsden to stay with Fran and Geoff. Later in the week I am going to Cas to stay with Alan and Lynne and meet son Daniel who is visiting all the way from Australia. Looking forward to seeing him after so long. I also got news a few days ago that his brother Paul became a father for the first time. A little boy! Pleased to report that he and his mother are well and healthy.

No post to this blog until the start of July. Have fun!