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Proud Parents

Today was a special day. Marcel visited me. Who is he, can I hear you asking? He is the last of my ‘godsons/Paterkind’.

Eighteen years and two days before my birthday he arrived smiling and laughing into the world. His parents asked me to be ‘Godfather’. I know the family through Jan’s mother.

I happily agreed for I have no children of my own, and am happy to add myself to those of others. It follows the motto of nice to be a grandparent, for after playing with them all day you can give them back to their parents, and head home!

His parents headed home some time later when they returned to Miscolc in the north of Hungary. We kept in contact by mail and birthday/Christmas presents

. I did a tour of Hungary about twelve years ago and saw him then. Time just went by – as it does –  until today when he and family arrived on my doorstep. See the first photo.

He is starting a German course at Humboldt University tomorrow and is living in student accommodation about ten minutes from my flat. Ideal to keep an eye on him for his parents. And that is what I shall do until the middle of August when he returns home.

Here are some nice shots of him with his parents. As always, you ask yourself where the time went to! But I only asked this question as I worked on the photos for this blog. During the day I was just happy to enjoy the time with the family.