Left bed

Proud Me

I was very happy to welcome Marcel and his family to my ‘humble abode’. We toasted each other with a glass of ‘sekt’ and then exchanged news. At the end we all looked at the photos I had taken in Florida. Thanks again Shirley!

 We then went to a very good restaurant near my flat and known for the quality of its German cooking. Everyone was very happy with what they ordered, and I also took a few photos. Mainly of Marcel enjoying a Wernesgrüner Bier and some ‘Deftiges Essen’/solid food. He finished it all and enjoyed it.

Later we returned to my flat and sat in the garden and chatted. I took some more photos to add to those of Marcel with beer and food. I think that Jan just might have some competition for enjoying a glass of beer!

They later left to see the centre of Berlin. The family are returning to Hungary tomorrow and Marcel starts his German course.

 What a really memorable day this was. The young lady in one photo is his sister. She is called Bianca and came with her boyfriend.

We agreed to meet up in Hungary next summer. I shall be there and look forward to reporting on my blog about my adventures in the north of Hungary. Watch this space!