Left bed


From my last post to this blog you know I safely arrived in Berlin Tegel Airport to be met by Heike’s happy face. She drove me home and the start of settling into Berlin routine.

I have now settled into life here but memories of my time in Florida are always with me – just as my walk on the Great Wall of China, last September, is imprinted on my brain/memory. I started teaching again and learning German with Frau Fox each Tuesday, plus contact to all my ‘Oldie’ Gangs.

When I met my Oldie Wednesday class they bought me a bunch and flowers and card for my birthday, even thought it was a few weeks ago. I was very pleasantly surprised. The flowers bloomed for over a week and greeted my when I entered my flat!

In addition to all my appointments, and watching the UEFA Football matches on TV, I met Max and Joachim. We worked together on a library project seven years ago. Even with an age difference, we have kept in touch, and meet a couple of times a year in an Italian resturant. Max is a great fan of Italian food – as you can see from this photo!