Left bed


Yesterday I met my Oldie Photoshop Gang. Meeting place was Familie Schröder’s garden house south of  Berlin. It was great to see them again. They said I looked very well and still had a good tan after my holiday in Florida. Thanks for the comments!

We settled into seats around a long table in the garden. Being traditional, we started with ‘Kaffe und Kuchen’, lots of talk and then I showed them the photos of my adventures in Florida. I used my laptop. Viewing conditions were not ideal but they enjoyed me talking them through my travels – and it was good for me to do it all in German!

We then returned to our chairs and table for the main event. This was ‘Grillen’. Herr Schröder is a Meister and soon had our plates full of grilled sausage and meatballs. They were consumed with a potato and gurkin salad, and washed down with a good German beer. Of course!

A really great afternoon. I found it rather surreal to jump from Florida to a comfortable afternoon in a garden in Berlin. Some commented that I was rather withdrawn and not as talkative as usual. Perhaps so.  I also missed the sun:-)