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Water Babe

Tuesday 22 May. Nearing the end of a wonderful time. I was feeling very reflective as I entered my last but one day. Shirley had a number of appointments, so I decided to have a day just for me.  It began with sipping tea in the sun at the pool. and shaking sleep out of my eyes.

I spent all morning enjoying the sun and water. I knew it was my last chance so I took time to practice my breast stroke – with my ‘Noodles’ of course! When I remember all this now I can hear the sound of the wind in the trees behind/above me and the chirping of the birds. It is imprinted in/onto my brain! I shall never forget it.

Noon, I showered, dressed and got on my bicycle for my last tour along the beaches. I picked the simple pleasures for this day, but ones that meant a lot to me. I hit the beach and slowly headed south. I went slowly for I didn’t want to rush the experience and memories I would create. The weather was pleasant with clouds and sunny spells. I enjoyed the feel of the sun on my skin as I cycled on the beach. I hit the furthest point where the river hits the Atlantic coast and slowly turned back.

I met Shirley on my return and we went to a restaurant we had tried to get into before, but couldn’t for it was booked up. This time we were lucky and got a table in the top storey with a view onto the beach and ocean. This time Shirley was reflective, and talked a lot about the past. I found it interesting just to listen and learn more about life in the north of Florida. A quiet, reflective day, but a very special one because of that.