Left bed

DB and CC

Sunday 20 May. I woke at 9:00 am. I was very surprised at that late hour. It clearly indicated my bodily response to the end of the tour and return to settled life in St. Augustine.

I made some tea and wandered to the pool. I finished writing the last batch of photographs then celebrated by sunbathing before it got too hot and relaxing in the water. I practiced my breast stroke with the help of the ‘noodles’ and noted I was getting better.

I then got ready and left for the south with Shirley. It felt strange to be in the passenger seat after so long driving. We set off for Daytona Beach. When we finally arrived Shirley noted all the new buildings and developments on the beach side of the centre.

It was all new for me so I just stared and listened as she described the changes since her last visit. It is famous for its racing track/circuit. I learnt that it is also famous as a family holiday centre/resort.

We drove on and arrived in Titusville. I saw a sign for a ‘Family Owned Fish Restaurant’. I was feeling hungry so I suggested we have a late lunch there. Shirley agreed and it was a delicious meal of haddock.

Feeling full and relaxed we hit the road south and finally arrived at Cape Canaveral. An exciting time exploring the site and posing with different craft. The day after I was there, a rocket was launched to take supplies to the space station.

We headed north back to St. Augustine. Shirley then told me that on the day of my return, a local sculptor had died and would I be interested in seeing some of his work.

I said, “Yes”, so that is where we headed when we got back. He donated many statues and they are in a park, just there for the pleasure of the public. What a nice person to do this, and nice that they are on display for everyone to enjoy.