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Fifth Day

This was the Monday before my birthday. As I sat by the pool and wrote the first batch of postcards, Shirley was on the computer looking for a hire car for me. I completed the cards and she found a good offer from Budget. Packed bags and got into car to drive to the post office.

Posted cards then drove to car hire place. Nice lady served us with the name of April. Very appropriate that my birthday is in May! I got a good offer on a Ford Fiesta, almost new, automatic, satnav and all the other gadgets now found in cars. Available for an eight day hire. It came within my budget, so no problem, I took it!

Shirley then drove me to Jacksonville to the north. A city with over a million inhabitants. We explored the river area around the city and on the way I saw the multi-million-dollar homes of the wealthy on the coast road to Jacksonville. I wondered how many bankers had invested their ‘ill-gotten-gains’ in such properties in the last few years. An interesting idea.

Here is pic of me with the car I hired, and with a few other cars I didn’t hire 🙂  We drove back to St. Augustine in a storm, and forecast for storms and rain in the next few days!