Left bed

Third Day

Saturday and something was planned then cancelled at the last minute. Our guest was not available. No problem for we took it as a lazy day. I decided to explore the beach including a return to the city 5 miles to the north, via the beach.

And on a bicycle. Here is a later photo taken of me with the bike. I didn’t have that level of suntan by then. Perfect bike to explore the beach. I packed my rucksack with water and a snack and set off.

I took one shot of the beach to my right/the south which I was later to explore. It was almost empty. The next was a shot to my right. A view to St. Augustine and with more tourists on the beach.

I also took what I think is my best ever shot.

The man is waiting for the fish to bite. I really like the colours as layers in this photo,  and the simple composition of angler relaxing while waiting for fish to bite on his two rods sticking out of the sea.

Perfect! I am going to have this photo printed out then framed and hang it in my living room.

I explored the town from two wheels and arrived home very tired but happy that evening.