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Second Day

I spent the second day with Shirley in the car seeing sights in and around St. Augustine. I discovered the delights of The Bank of America and my credit card.

I got my first cash payment. I was pleased that all went well in the world of banking when I got my hands on my money. I often think that banks forget that ‘their’ money belongs to other people – and not to them!

We took in lots of sights and even found a restaurant near the old citadel where I got fish and chips! We later went shopping where I got all the things on my list – see last post.  One event I shall not forget was meeting Cheryl.

She is Shirley’s elder daughter and works as a guide to visiting groups of mainly school children and teachers. She didn’t know Shirley and I were to ‘sneak up’ on her as she was talking to a class. Here is a photo taken as she realised we were there. She suddenly said. ” And on my right you can see John who is visiting from Germany and my mother.” She is the perfect guide and I was impressed with how she held the children’s attention.

Other photos include the citadel, which resisted attacks from all who tried to take the town from Spanish  control – including the English!  A very memorable day and one that helped me a lot to ‘get my bearings’ so I could later work out what was where and wander around!