Left bed

June things

I missed the monkey so I brought him/her back! I’m still adjusting to the shift from St. Augustine to Berlin. Each night, as I fall asleep, my mind goes back to sights and scenes I experienced in Florida. There are many things I miss, and I shall always be grateful to Shirley for making it possible. Without her generosity, I would never have made it.

Regular things filled this week such as teaching two lessons and German lesson with Frau Fox. I showed her all my Florida photographs. Talking about my adventures gave me lots of speaking practice. My allergies and the skin blemish problems on my face started within 24 hours of my return. They disappeared when I arrived in Florida. My skin and allergy doctors will be informed. Perhaps I don’t need them anymore!

I did a couple of light bicycle tours, went to a concert at The Philharmonie on Wednesday evening, and spent Thursday cleaning my flat in addition to other exciting things like shopping and washing. Talked to Ian in Australia over Skype, sympathized with Rolf over a cup of tea when he talked about some of the problems he had to get his boat into the water when I was away. I normally help and hope to go sailing in June 🙂 This morning I met my Oldie-Fitness-Gang led by Kerstin. They wanted to know a lot about my adventures in Florida.

The next few weeks will be full of ‘getting back into the routine’ before I fly to England on 22 June. It is only a short visit to see family in the north, including ‘High Tea’ at Betty’s Tea Rooms on The Grove, Ilkley with Fran, Barbara and Rachel. I shall also spend some time in Castleford. Daniel is visiting from Australia so I shall stay with Alan and Lynne (parents) and enjoy some time with them and Daniel. Back to Berlin for the start of July, and I hope the month starts with better weather than at the start of June.

Who has a birthday in June? My iMac starts the month with its 5th birthday on 6th June 🙂 On the 19th June my father would have been 100 years old and my mother 94. Correct Barbara? Teresa in Berlin will celebrate on the 23 June. Hermann hits 75 on the 25th. And that’s it for this month. Happy Birthday each and have a great day!