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A Visitor

Stefan Z. visited this morning. It is years since we met but I recognised him at once. Stefan stayed with Shirley just before Jan went there. He has kept in touch with Shirley ever since and she has visited him and family in Berlin.

They send presents and Shirley asked me to take something for Stefan and family. She sent it per post, but there was some problem with the address, and it was returned. Happy to report, Shirley, that he got the packet okay this morning, and was very happy to get it. Big thanks to you, Shirley, from Stefan 🙂

We agreed to meet up in a couple of weeks with his partner Anna-M. They recently came back from a holiday in Majorca so I saw their photographs and he saw mine of Florida. He enjoyed seeing how the house had changed over the years and really liked my pics of St. Augustine, which brought back many happy memories.