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Winzer Fest

Yesterday I went to Köpenick. Some of you are asking where it is. It is the next district to the south-east of where I live. You can easily get there with Tram No. 27. They run every 20 minutes. Yesterday they didn’t. I waited, and waited and …… nothing.

I called the local transport company info-call-service. I asked why there were no trams. A lady told me why and in 100% Berlinisch! When translated to Hoch-Deutsch and then into English it means the following.

There was a football match that afternoon near to my destination There was some crowd violence and supporter clashes, so the police stopped the trams. Basta! Just so and no explanation, or concern for hundreds of thousands of people/families/kids stranded.

After a 50 minute wait a No. 27 Tram arrived. Full – no surprise there! I squeezed in. I arrived late at Rathaus/Town Hall Köpenick to see Falk and Elvira anxiously waiting for me. A short walk to the side of the river and an empty table. Time to celebrate the Winzer Fest. It means a wine festival.

You may know that the centre and south of Germany has many wine areas, so it was time to celebrate the previous years wines. Most wines in Germany are white and dry.
 Not enough hot sun to produce the stronger red dry wines. Even so, there are some interesting grapes and wines in Germany many of which are produced by small family wine producers.

And so it was yesterday. I discovered a wine I had never heard of before and ordered a glass. It was delicious! I wonder why I had never heard of that grape/wine. It may be that it is not produced and sold through the usual sale /shop/supermarket network. I had another one as we were joined by Uli, Petra and Amina.  Na, prost!