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May things

I shall be away from 2 May to 25 May. There will be no posts to this blog during May 2012.  Have a nice relaxing month and see you again in June 2012. 

April ended with high temperatures, blue skies and lots of sun. May will start the same according to the weather forecasters. Ian commented that my recent posts were full of trees, flowers and outdoor scenes. I agreed with him. The result of getting out of the house, cycling with Silke and snapping with my new(ish) camera to learn how to use it.

Let’s see what comes next. On my return to blogging in June, I have to deal with new formats from Google, which is my blog provider. I have seen many complaints on the internet about these changes. If all does not go well I already have a reserve provider. Let’s see how I can  cope with the new technical changes. 
Stats = short form for Statistics. I recently checked stats about visits to my blog. I was surprised to discover that for some time the greatest number of readers of my blog come from Russia. I write the blog for my sister, cousin and family in the UK. They came No. 6 in the listings.
 I talked about this to a number of people. We came to the opinion that many people come to this blog to practice English because simple sentences are supported by photographs. I think I shall have to write a welcome sentence in Russian to welcome them.  
Who has a birthday in May?  Max will celebrate his 29th on 2 May in Berlin. My godson Marcel celebrates his 18th with his family and friends in north Hungary on the 3rd May. Pity I can’t be there for a special celebration but we shall spend time together in summer when he comes to Berlin for a language course. Looking forward to getting to know him then. 

Who is next? It’s me. I shall celebrate my 69th birthday in St. Augustine with Shirley and family. Who would have believed that? Not me! Looking forward to it.  
Hans hits 61 on the 11th, Trish will be 60  on the 13th (Thanks for e-mail and correction Trish :-)) , Heike D. will celebrate with her family on the 16th. Otto will relax into his 81st birthday on the 19th. Sylvia in Brighton will celebrate her 56th with Mike and ‘Gels’ on Sunday 20th. On the same day my dear cousin Barbara will celebrate her 67th.  I shall see her one month later when I visit the UK. We can celebrate again in Ilkley. Okay, Barbara? One of my co-teachers, George, will celebrate his 61st with his family in Berlin on the 27th May.  Have a wonderful time each and all!