Left bed


I got back from a visit to Pankow a short time ago. I met my Photoshop Gang for a session of photo taking for backgrounds and images for our next session.

We talked about this and the summer break. For reasons too complex to go into we are meeting again in October. I do not like the long break, and was not alone, but there is nothing we can do about it. It is all about ‘funding’. I think that says it all!

We enjoyed meeting on a warm sunny spring day. We could clearly see that winter is history and are now in spring – and heading for summer. I selected four of the thirteen photos I took to share with you and give you a glimpse of spring in Pankow.

On reflection, I note that I have posted more shots of spring, flowers, trees, parks, blossom this year than any year since I started this blog. I think it is a positive development – oder!