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Different things

This is a post made up of different things. Two days ago I copied a nice photograph taken by Andrea of herself with brother Jan. Andrea and her mother are visiting Den Haag, and also to see the tulip fields.

 I think the photo was taken on Andrea’s mobile phone, and if so then the quality of such camera-phones has improved markedly!

 I am sure they had a great time – I did! Don’t they look great? I just had to share with you. Thanks, Andrea!

Yesterday I went to a workshop. It was organised by eltabb, which is a teacher organisation I co-founded just after I arrived in Berlin. Happy memories 🙂

The topic was ‘Coaching in Language Teaching’. I had no idea about this so registered for the event. My experience of coaching/a coach was on a sports field when I was at school.

It was really interesting. I discovered I had been ‘coaching’ in 1:1 lessons with managers for years, but didn’t realise it. I noticed that we had moved away from language/grammar but didn’t know I had strayed into coaching. Here is a pic of members/teachers listening to the presenter. A nice gang of very talented people.

Yesterday I e-mailed Shirley to bring her up-to-date with my travel plans/arrangements. As a result, I looked at mobile phones and using them in the USA.  I found them all then realised that we live in a strange mobile phone world, if you stray outside the borders of your home country. Just look at this photo. I have four mobile phones. It’s crazy.

The top left is my phone for use in the UK. The top right is the mobile for when I am in the USA. The bottom left is my old/reserve phone for when I am in Germany and the bottom right is the Nokia I use each day in Germany.

I charged them, then realised the Nokia with the T-Online USA chip may not work anymore. Why? The company recently closed down its US operations! I think I shall just throw it into the bag and worry about it when I arrive.

How many mobile phones do you have hidden away in drawers, suitcases, travel bags?