Left bed


After more cycling we arrived at an incline and with lots of puffing and huffing, from me, we got to the top and our first view of the sea. We had arrived at the coastal resort of Scheveningen. Pronouncing this word is one of the ways you can tell a Netherlander from a non-Netherlander.

The way you pronounce ‘Schev’ in  Dutch is different from the way a German speaker would say it. I got some advice and help from the two nice ladies in the info centre I mentioned earlier. You have to put the sound into your throat and roll it around. We had some laughs until I began to get it close to how it should sound!

We hit the sand dunes and took in the view. To the right is the Pier with hotels lining the beach. On the beach there are endless restaurants offering all kinds of food and drinks. To the left you have the same but without the Pier. There is, however, the harbour in the distance.

We took a few shots then I said I was hungry. We decided to find a place to rest and eat. We walked towards the Pier and eventually found a restaurant offing a set price fish dish. It tasted very nice and went well with my glass of Chardonnay.

Here you can see some of the views in the difficult to say resort of Scheveningen! Jan took two very different shots of me. The second one shows me tired of waiting for my fish!