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Den Haag Tour-1

Next day we had a lazy breakfast and slowly got into the day. They have two bicycles. Arancha sat on the back of Jan’s as he cycled to a rent-a-bicycle-shop in the centre of town. I followed on her bicycle.

We got to the shop okay. I hired a nice bicycle with back pedal brakes, in addition to a handlebar brake – just like my bicycle in Berlin!

We then went to an information centre in a library. There I had an interesting time talking to two nice ladies about what to see in Den Haag. I bought a map to help. We started our tour with a view of a palace, then into a square with interesting buildings. People were sitting in cafes in the square and enjoying the watery sun with lunch.

We then cycled to the Parliament building. It is surrounded by a moat and when you enter you see that it is full of different courtyards. A church and fountain are in the first courtyard. The Prime Minister and some ministers have their offices in this complex, but I don’t know which ones.

Here are some of the photos I took for you to enjoy, and get a taste of what the city looks like.