Left bed

Arrived Leiden

Last Friday I jumped into a train and headed for Leiden. Can I hear you asking where it is? Just head west of Berlin, cross the border with Netherlands, keep going for a bit and you arrive at the last stop. It is called Schipol Airport.

Relax for ten minutes and a ‘Sprinter’ train will arrive. They are regular and painted yellow and blue. You can’t go wrong. Enter, sit down and look out of the window at the continuing flat landscape. In a short time you arrive at Leiden.

I did and looked for Jan. He said he would pick me up there. His office is only ten minutes walk away. I waited and looked around. Lots of nice healthy looking people wandering around with a few sitting and eating in the fast food place you see all over the world.

I then decided to call him. My mobile worked okay and after a few minutes I got him. He said he was in the station and asked where I was. I told him and he started to laugh. I looked around and there he was smiling and looking at me. Nice joke, Jan! It was great to see him and he looked well.

He suggested we go for a beer. What a surprise 🙂 We did, at a local bar full with office workers relaxing in the sun. After the beer, he took me around the centre to show me some of the sights.

I took some photographs which you can see here. Shots on a bridge, of water and me posing in front of a windmill.

After, we wandered back to the station and took a train to Den Haag.