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I went to Britz Garden today. It is in the south-west of Berlin. I have been before, and posted photos and comments on my blog. Today is what the Christians call ‘Good Friday’. It is a public holiday here. The weather was dry, and warm when the sun shone.

I was invited to walk around Britz Garden with a small group from my Friday Gang. We met up and went by tram and bus. Many others had the same idea. Most were over 50, but there were also couples with children.

A very slow walk with time to take in the views, stop and comment, take photos and then slowly move on, eventually took us to a restaurant by a lake. We found a table for all, and then relaxed. It was very busy but the waitress was very organised, and we got good service.

 I ordered fish with natural rice and mixed vegetables. I sipped a cool Riesling during the meal and it was delicious! After more talking and relaxing after the meal, we started again and finished the circuit of the park.

I took a lot of photos for my Friday Photoshop Gang to use as backgrounds. I also took a few for this report. Hope you had a happy, sunny day.